We have put together this website for you, so take some time to look around.   We are delighted to share some images of our products here on our website and we've added a shopping cart  but because of the complexity of family origins we aloso encourage you to  contact us directly by phone so  navigate our database and library with you in real time and  choose the best Family name History and coat of arms for your family line. 

 Our extensive library allows us access to information that is just not available on line and are happy to communicate with customers regarding coats of arms that they may personally associate with that differ from those we display.

 After many years in Florida, What's in a Name relocated to historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA, in 2015. With access to The Historical Research Center's database we provide a wealth of knowledge regarding the origin and meaning of your last name and the coats of arms that have been associated with it.  Our research began many years ago in Europe with just names from the British Isles, but we have now amassed an extensive library of family name histories and coats of arms from all over the world.
Our research is based on onomastics and heraldry and whilst we do provide historical references to bearers of your name a relation to theses fore-bearers is not implied.