What's in a Name
  • What's in a Name
  • What's in a Name

    Accessing our database and map collection we uncover your family name history and coat of arms, to map your past. 

    About Us

    Shopkeeper & Storyteller

     With access to our extensive library and database we provide a wealth of information regarding your Family Name History & Associated Coat of Arms. Our presentations are faithfully reproduced on beautiful parchment scrolls, or hand painted and embroidered, destined to become a treasured family heirloom for generations to come. 

    Coat Of Arms

     "The original design of heraldry is not merely show and pageantry, as some are apt to imagine, but to distinguish persons and families; to represent the heroic achievements of our ancestors, and to perpetuate their memory; to trace the origins of noble and ancient families, and the various steps by which they arrived at greatness"  Alexander Nisbe

    Family Name History

     "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches"  -King Solomon   Discover and share your family name history to keep your story alive for generations to come. Our forefathers believed that the calling of the names connected them to the power and memory of those who bore the name before them. 

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