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Is Your Name Here?

Onomastics is the study of proper nouns, their origins and meanings: especially personal names. Click the image above to uncover the meaning behind your name. 

Coat of Arms Symbolism

Because of the great importance placed upon a coat of arms, the design is chosen with great care so as to represent the aspirations, values and achievements of the original bearer. Click above to learn about the symbols on your coat of arms.

The Romance of Names & Heraldry

The romance of heraldry is a wonderful publication from the heraldic research center, covering the origins of names and the history of heraldry and a brief introduction to creating a family tree.

Family Time Capsule

Your family story is a precious gift to pass onto future generations. Record the moments that define your family. Compile your Family traditions, awards and achievements.  The Living Time Capsule is a perfect fun-filled activity for the whole family. 

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