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    London, from Colton's England and Wales Map 1856

    J.R.R. Tolkien — "Not all those who wander are lost".

    Our carefully selected antique (never reproductions) map collection features authentic original maps of the world from the civil war era to cusp of the 20th century. 

    Focusing on important 19th century American map makers and publishers from a time of great economic growth in the United States.  

    Antique maps are a wonderful aid to genealogy and offer a glimpse of the world as it was during the time of your ancestors. 

    The Map Makers

    J.H Colton 1800-1893

    Published New York City, NY. USA. 

    S.A. Mitchell 1790-1868

    Published Philadelphia, PA. USA.

    George F. Cram 1842-1928

    Published Chicago, IL. USA

    SDUK 1826 to 1848

                       Published, London. England.