Mitchell's Map of Africa. Hand Colored, steel plate engraving. 1860.

Mitchell's Map of Africa 1860

Additional Information

This is a beautiful example of S. A. Mitchell Jr.’s 1860's  map of Africa and St. Helena. This map covers the continent in great detail considering the level to which it was explored at the time. Much of the central plain is listed as "Unknown Interior"  This is the first of the Mitchell series to depict Lake Victoria and the outflow of Ripon Falls, the source of the Nile. 

Inset in the lower left quadrant features the remote island of St. Helena an important Crown Colony , to where the British exiled Napoleon after his defeat at the battle of Waterloo. 

The number of cities and towns  listed on the West coast attest to the busy trade of enslaved people being  transported to the Americas and the West Indies from West Africa. 

One of the most attractive American atlas maps of this region to appear in the mid 19th century. 

Features the floral border typical of Mitchell maps from the 1860-65 period. Prepared by W. Williams. for inclusion as plate 83 of Mitchell’s New General Atlas . Dated and copyrighted, “Entered according to Act of Congress in the Year 1860 by S. Augustus Mitchell Jr. in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the U.S. for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


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